Quarter of A Century

Immortalisation of one’s existence. 

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Series of work in progress.

Images capturing the state of awakening through earth’s natural layers.

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The project emerged from Florist Virginia Bogetti’s exploration of floriography.  Finding her own ways of expression with the help of flora, she has birthed a brand inspired by tales of love, culture, and harmony.  

The founder describes the concept of ‘Laflorería’ as an emergence of a seed, small yet strong. The project reflects the needs of vegetation, to seek for light where the source of all energy lies.

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Photographs documenting Chisara Agor’s time developing Movement I of the project at the Snape Maltings (as part of Britten Pears Arts) residency.

Nocturnal Sun is an inter-disciplinary piece that combines music, movement and visual art. Nocturnal Sun centres around themes of human history, spirituality and ecology. First part: Dust explores humanities relationship with the sun, set in a world where the nearest star is dying.

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